In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, life changed and there was little time to adjust to a new normal. Food was scarce and movement was limited due to the government imposed measurements to control the outbreak.

Lucky enough in KIBERA, residents seemed to enjoy stunt ride entertainment from a half masked futuristic stylish indvidual whose identity has been unkwown for awhile. The lead of “KIBERA GHOST RIDER’’ a subculture popularly known by the youths nally got to reveal his face and fashion style that compliments his cool up cycled futuristic motorbike dubbed KINYAMBI. He was spotted making rounds on his motorbike transportating food to families and o ering quick transportation services to the people who were out before 7:00 PM which was the set curfew time. His availability and ability to be everywhere came in handy to his people. Meet BAQTERIA.


The designers choice of direction with the costume is harnessed from his background and upbringing in Kawangware, where wires, discarded electronics, motherboards and scrap metal are a common from the streets and garbage deposit points and he collect such items for his creative process.

Kevo Abbra’s niche of creating and curating costumes is from up cycling and recycling of discarded items and sourcing colorful fabrics. These are some of the aesthetics that are evident through characters, props and wearable costumes in his past projects MACICIO, GIKOSH and K.D.F KINYAMBI’ in this case, serves as a street symbol for unity, designed in Kawangware with up cycled materials from Dandora, Karibangi,Mathare and assembled in Kibera. KIBERA GHOST RIDER a living character echoed through designed costumes and props.


Concept + Creative / Art Direction + Production : KEVO ABBRA
Costume design and Styling : KEVO ABBRA
Bike rig / Prop : KEVO ABBRA
Collaborated commissioned photographer : TINSEH